The merger of Acceres (Promovert, GAB Consulting and Biotek (Europe/Ukraine)) with SynTech Research was initiated in 2020 and last month we announced the acquisition of ECT (ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH).

As a result, and with a view to more acquisitions in 2022, the global brand will now become SynTech Research Group.

Dr Khosro Khodayari, CEO of SynTech Research Group says, “This is not just an adjustment in the design of our original logo. The change to SynTech Research Group emphasises:

  • the unprecedented fast-moving growth of our business, covering contract research, product positioning, development, registration and market support,
  • the nature of this growth, based particularly on acquisition of existing high-quality, complementary CROs, enables us to supply Research to Registration and in-market support services globally,
  • the customer/brand loyalty of present and future companies in the Group,
  • the strong global reputation and values, with staff as well as customers, that has always underpinned the SynTech Research brand.”

The Headquarters of SynTech Research Group is now located at the existing SynTech Research France Mâcon site. The current SynTech Research site at Kansas, USA remains as the N America Regional HQ.  As part of SynTech Research Group, GAB Consulting and ECT will continue to provide regulatory and ecotoxicology services to current and future clients under their existing brands. With the assimilation of Promovert, Biotek (Europe/Ukraine) and SynTech Research, use of these and the Acceres brands will cease by the end of 2021, but all clients will continue to be supported by all our experienced and motivated Group staff.

“Further acquisitions in 2022 will add significantly to SynTech Research Group’s capability to provide a unique, complete range of offerings to our current and future customers globally,” concludes Dr Khodayari.