Sharing experience: ​Our Efficacy Technical lead at SynTech Research Brazil, Carla Siqueira, gave a talk to AENDA (Brazilian association of crop protection post patent) associates about efficacy reports for BioSolutions products. The subject is of high interest, attracting all segments of the industry which see the need to integrate BioSolutions with their portfolio and are searching for knowledge and support. The session was led by the Association and had 44 participants.

The research and development of BioSolutions products require different approaches and knowledge to be successfully introduced in the market.

SynTech Research Group is committed to investing and being a leading company in the development of BioSolutions products with high competencies in the field and regulatory strategy and can be of great help to clients to succeed in this area.

The segment of BioSolutions (Biopesticides, Plant Growth Regulators and Inoculants) is growing at 42% per year in Brazil and reached around US$ 330 M in sales in 2021. The projection indicates that the sector will continue to grow at rates above the traditional Crop Protection markets. Farmers are perceiving the value of adding biologicals into their practices as a complementary tool to improve their production with sustainability.