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Physical Chemistry and Formulation

SynTech Research provides related services in both these areas at its centre of excellence at SynTech Research Germany.  Our Physical Chemistry and Formulation laboratories are located at Christinenthal Versuchs Station (CVS), N of Hamburg, which also offers glasshouse and field support.

German field station, Christinenthal, Germany

Physical Chemistry
Studies include methods and Certificates of Analysis, for formulation development and quality. Tests include: viscosity, contact angle measurements, flowability, suspensibility, stability and compatibility tests

Our staff are involved in the development of CIPAC analytical methods; currently our studies are conducted to GLP standards; a GLP licence has been applied for and is expected in 2022.

Formulation Development
Development includes optimisation of phys-chem properties and use of co-formulants, for agrochemical active ingredients, safeners and foliar fertilisers. Our range includes EC, SC, SL and OD formulations, both solo and two-component (“ready-mixed”). Batches of up to 50 litres can be produced

Glasshouse testing includes: wetting and rainfastness. We provide in-market support and quality assurance, including checks for REACH compliance, Scale up and production advice, additional data for re-registration and evidence for claims.

For further information please email: info@syntechreseach.com


Solubility test

Suspensibility test

Foliar wetting study