SynTech Research Brazil is now accredited by MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil) for studies with Fertilizers, Inoculants, Biostimulants, under Normative Instruction 53/2013 . With this accreditation, SynTech can deliver trials and reports on new products and further studies for registered products. SynTech has locations in all the main regions of Brazil: Petrolina/PE, Primavera do Leste/MT, Palmeiras de Goiás/GO, Piracicaba/SP, Bandeirantes/PR and Santa Maria/RS.

Already officially accredited for field and greenhouse trials for agrochemicals, biologicals, seeds & traits, SynTech is now fully ready to conduct fertilizer, inoculant and biostimulant programs to meet clients’ screening, product development, positioning and marketing needs

Soybean study at SynTech’s Piracicaba station.