We are excited to feature Phillip Cassidy, an integral member of the SynTech Research Group family. In this interview, Phillip, Registration Division Manager, shares insights into his role, motivations, and experiences at SynTech Research.

What is your primary role, and how would you describe your day-to-day responsibilities?

My role at SynTech is to oversee regulatory activities in North America.  We have a team of 10 and over 100 clients.  While we are primarily engaged in generic registrations, we do have several new actives (conventional and biological) that we are working to register.  In addition to Federal registrations, we also oversee registrations of fertilizers and pesticides at the state level.

What are the values and culture of SynTech Research Group that resonate most with you?

I think the best thing I like is how approachable everyone is. I really enjoy working at a global level and being able to collaborate with staff in other geographies.  It is unique that SynTech can foster excellent communication and transparency.  I feel good knowing I can hand off clients to others and have trust that they can give them the same commitment to service that we provide.

What is your favourite activity or hobby outside of work, and how have you found support or community for it within the company?

Some days I think I have too many hobbies !  One that I enjoy is hiking.  We are fortunate to have flexible work schedules which allows me more of a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

Is there a particular achievement or project in your career that you are especially proud of?

In my career, I have many proud moments, but I think the best is yet to come.  I feel confident that a great opportunity is either building with one of our current clients or is right around the corner with a new client.  The outlook for agriculture has so much to offer to help feed the world’s population.  I am constantly amazed with the advancements in technology.

Is there any personal story or anecdote you’d like to share about your time at SynTech Research Group that exemplifies why you enjoy working here?

In March, I visited several clients in Japan and met several others at a conference hosted by the Pesticide Science Society of Japan.  The Japanese borders were closed during the pandemic and so the companies I visited had many questions related to regulatory changes or capabilities within SynTech. I reached out to others within SynTech daily for help answering these questions and replies came quickly.  It exemplified how dedicated we are to supporting the needs of our clients.