Today, we are excited to feature Remi Massault, who is an integral part of the SynTech Research Group family. In this interview, Remi, a Study Director & Analytical Principal Investigator, shares insights into his role, motivations, and experiences at SynTech Research.

1. What is your primary role, and how would you describe your day-to-day responsibilities?

I am a Study Director & Analytical Principal Investigator in the residue laboratory in Lyon, France (there are 3 other Study Directors in the lab). I am in charge of conducting GLP studies where pesticide residues are analysed following the very strict requirements of the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). The work we perform is then used for the registration of pesticides, on the European market for example. I am also involved in other projects like the implementation of digital tools for the lab or the review/writing of laboratory procedures.

2. What are the values and culture of SynTech Research Group that resonate most with you?

Good communication for me is paramount and since the acquisition of the lab by SynTech in June 2023, I have appreciated the quality of the exchange with colleagues from outside of the lab. Since then, we have also re-thought almost all our working processes to become more efficient and I think this lines up with SynTech’s strategy.

3. What is your favourite activity or hobby outside of work, and how have you found support or community for it within the company?

I love football (I am of course a big Olympique Lyonnais supporter ) but over the years I have come to the realisation that what I like the most is simply to spend good time with friends. And in the lab I have found good people to have a beer with

4. Is there a particular achievement or project in your career that you are especially proud of?

Since joining SynTech, I have been involved in the implementation of electronic systems for our Document Management System and Audit Reporting System. Those were very interesting projects that bring added value to the lab and it’s been particularly rewarding to work with SynTech colleagues from outside of the lab, I am especially thinking about the IT team There are many other electronic systems being developed as we’re speaking so I am definitely not going to be bored! It is very exciting to see the digitalisation of the laboratory happening.

5. Is there any personal story or anecdote you’d like to share about your time at SynTech Research Group that exemplifies why you enjoy working here?

It’s difficult to pinpoint one particular story or anecdote but I would say that the atmosphere in general in the lab is quite unique. There are lots of affinity and laughter within the team which allows us to do a very good and professional work with lots of fun!

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