“All things are poisons, for there is nothing without poisonous qualities. It is only the dose which makes a thing poison.” ― Paracelsus

Today, we are excited to feature Rémy Bailly, who has been an integral part of the SynTech Research Group family for the past three years. In this interview, Rémy, a Study Director at SynTech Research France specializing in ecotoxicological studies conducted under GLP, shares insights into his role, motivations, and experiences at SynTech.

1. What is your primary role at SynTech Research Group, and how would you describe your day-to-day responsibilities?

I am working at SynTech Research France as Study Director on ecotoxicological studies conducted under GLP.

My main role is to provide data to the Sponsor on the effects of their products on non-target organisms. I set the study design up, analyse the results, then write the final reports.

2. What aspect of your job motivates you and gets you excited to come to work every day?

I like the diversity in my job, as almost each specie to be studied has its own study design.

In addition, my work is not only an office work, I enjoy being involved in the lab or on field experimentations.

3. What are the values and culture of SynTech Research Group that resonate most with you?

As I am curious with a scientifical background, I can identify myself in the P and the S of our EPICS values. Indeed, P for passion and S for Science.

4. What specific company programs or benefits do you consider contribute to it being a great place to work?

I consider the mobility program international or national as a key point allowing people to meet each other, learn and discover new skills and techniques.

5. What is your favourite activity or hobby outside of work, and how have you found support or community for it within the company?

My main hobby outside of work is bouldering, I did find some climb mates and sport lovers within the company.

6. Is there a particular achievement or project in your career at SynTech Research Group that you are especially proud of?

As I still am a Junior Study Director, I do not have special project to be proud of, but I am happy and grateful to contribute with SynTech Research Group making our agriculture going on a safer way.

7. How would you describe the relationship among employees at SynTech Research Group and how does it contribute to the work atmosphere?

At SynTech Research France the mutual support between employees is a key during the algricultural season when everybody is in the rush, this support plays an important role in the wellbeing at work.

We are a relatively little team compared to other services, which mean we have strong bonds together. I consider this being an advantage.

8. Is there any personal story or anecdote you’d like to share about your time at SynTech Research Group that exemplifies why you enjoy working here?

Two years ago, we had a meeting in Frankfurt, where it was an enriching opportunity to meet and talk with SynTech Research Group experts from around the world.

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