Commitment to Truthful Data and Timely Excellence

Today, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Salvador Ramos, a cherished member of the SynTech Research Group family for more than 10 years.

Join us in celebrating Salvador’s invaluable contributions and remarkable professional journey. In his own words, he’ll share the wealth of experience and insights he has cultivated during his time with SynTech!

1. What is your primary role at SynTech Research Group, and how would you describe your day-to-day responsibilities?

I am a field biologist of SynTech Research Southeast Asia, Inc., based in the Philippines, a member of SynTech Research Group. Also, I am an accredited researcher of the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority in the field of plant pathology and entomology for conducting bio-efficacy trials in the Philippines. Furthermore, I am a member of the GLP Asia mobile team as a Principal Field Investigator (PFI) and a designated Responsible Individual for the calibration and maintenance of GLP equipment.

2. What aspect of your job motivates you and gets you excited to come to work every day?

Honestly, at this moment, I do love my job as a PFI. Aside from the fact that I really love traveling, being a PFI, it motivates me to meet different people as well as their cultures in those Asian countries. It is not only knowing their cultures, but more so it is blending with their cultures so that the ultimate objectives may have obtained in the necessity of time.


I am excited and willing to do work every day because I can learn new things from different people. Indeed, there are many challenges along the way, and sometimes disagreements for the purpose of achieving the best results, but the good thing is that proper planning is always the key to solve the problems.

3. What are the values and culture of SynTech Research Group that resonate most with you?

There are too many values and cultural aspects of SynTech that have resonated in me to mention them all. The first thing that came to mind, however, when I read this question was the necessity of always being truthful in all our data and to always be on time in all matters, including submitting our interim reports on time. We are reminded by our managers all the time that to keep our sponsors coming back to us, we must always meet their expectations in a timely manner. With more than a decade working at SynTech, I believe punctuality and accuracy are the key ingredients to success.

4. What specific company programs or benefits do you consider contribute to it being a great place to work?

The ASIA PACIFC Workshop/Conference being held annually prior to pandemic, with this program, the agricultural trends in Asia Pacific were being discussed. And through this program, I learned a lot of different GLP-related rules and guidelines and discussed all related field problems among the group, from trial initiation up to the shipment of samples. More so, through this program, I could personally meet colleagues at SynTech and had the opportunity talking and building more cohesive relationship with them.

5. What is your favourite activity or hobby outside of work, and how have you found support or community for it within the company?

This year, I did not have any hobbies or activities outside of work. I almost enjoyed spending my whole year for about 3 months in Vietnam and about 5 months in South India doing GLP trials for mango and tea, respectively. In a nighttime, the best time for me updating the GLP Study Director based in US so that she would always be guided on where are we on the roadmap of the trials, and after which, I would always find myself watching Netflix, news from the Philippines, and talking to my relatives and friends to be able to balance my work and personal life.

6. Is there a particular achievement or project in your career at SynTech Research Group that you are especially proud of?

Right now, despite all the challenges as this my first time to have worked in tea, I am proud that I just finished all the field activities of the nine GLP tea trials in South India as a PFI. Conducting GLP tea trials for the first time, all the experiences are worth keeping.


Working it for the first time, there are indeed a lot of challenges — far from walk in the park, but I am proud to say that my sword and shield during this time are a lot of patience and a lot of prayers.

7. How would you describe the relationship among employees at SynTech Research Group and how does it contribute to the work atmosphere?

I am working in a diverse environment, therefore, there is always disagreements making it very challenging workplace. But the good thing is that the opinions of others are well respected as well as debated in coming up good, if not the best, opinion.

8. Is there any personal story or anecdote you’d like to share about your time at SynTech Research Group that exemplifies why you enjoy working here?

I appreciate SynTech Research Group’s willingness to let me decide and stand on my own toes when conducting GLP trials in Asian countries, as a PFI. ONE’S TRUST IS HARD TO EARN, and I am very grateful to my Study Director, APAC GLP Coordinator, QA Lead for Asia, and others who have assured me that they fully trust my decisions during the conduct of trials.


In my opinion, when someone trusts you, it would buoy your spirit and confidence on performing your tasks and responsibilities independently without any grey of hesitation.

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