Raul Luna has joined the Company as the Regulatory Coordinator for SynTech Latin America Zone II (Spanish-speaking countries). He will coordinate all regulatory needs/demands for SynTech’s global clients in this Zone, as a part of its Latin America Regulatory Management team.

Raul brings over 25 years of Regulatory Affairs experience in the Latin America region, conducting different programs for both chemical and biological products, related to EUPs, import permits and complete dossier preparation and submissions in different countries. He has provided this service to many transnational companies with a great record of success.

Mr. Luna is located in Chile and will execute his activities under the supervision of Mr. Carlos A. Caballero,  Managing Director for Latin America Zone II.  

Raul can be contacted at: rluna@syntechresearch.com

Raul Luna, Regulatory Coordinator SynTech Research Latin America