Last month, SynTech’s LAM Strategy Workshop, led by Fernando Gallina, the new Regional Director, developed a roadmap to achieve the next five years’ market target. A key output was a clear Strategic Intent and associated Strategic Pillars for the LAM business plans.

The team agreed that expertise, a broad service portfolio, flexibility, customization, multi-language reports would be the basis for SynTech’s differentiated offer – and the key drivers of  Competitive Advantage for the Company in the region.

“With the inclusion of our Registration function, SynTech LAM can go beyond providing high quality field and lab studies and move towards providing End-2-End product development opportunities” said Fernando Gallina.

“This workshop was different from previous ones in that the great energy, team commitment and participation demonstrated very clear support for all of SynTech LAM to follow similar processes and directions” said Dr. Khodayari, CEO and President.

The SynTech Latin America Region management team

The new Strategy takes shape.