SynTech Research and Acceres have now successfully met all the requirements to merge their businesses to form a world-leading global Agricultural R&D Contract Research Organization (CRO). Consisting of Acceres – Promovert, GAB Consulting and BIOTEK Agriculture (Europe, UK, Ukraine) – and SynTech Research, the new Company will be a leading global player in this sector, with over 600 laboratory, field and regulatory staff providing services in over forty countries, in all Regions.

Dr Khosro Khodayari has been appointed as CEO of the new Company, chairing the Global Executive Committee (GEC), leading further integration activities and serving on the Board of Directors (BoD). Dr Francis Lacroze, has been involved with EKKIO Capital in the development of Acceres, has been appointed as Chairman of the BoD. EKKIO Capital are the majority shareholders and will provide the additional investment required for rapid growth of the new Company through acquisitions and Greenfield expansion projects. As previously announced, once integration activities have been completed, the name of the new Company will be formalized as SynTech Research.

Dr Khodayari says: “Since SynTech was founded over 20 years ago, we have pursued the ambition to become a major CRO, offering all key product development services from a global footprint. This merger and the investment opportunities it provides, delivers perfectly on that aspiration”.

Thibaud Gachet, partner in EKKIO Capital says: “We started our AgCRO project back in 2016, after intensive market investigation and meetings with key players. This showed that a key requirement was a Global CRO service provider which the Agrochemical and Seeds industry could trust. We are confident that the merger of our four companies under Dr Khodayari’s leadership will provide the basis to build what our clients are looking for”.

The Companies will now commence further integration activity, but the group is already positioned to provide complete packages of services globally, including Field trials (Agrochemical and Seeds/Traits), Laboratory studies (Analytical, Ecotoxicology), and Regulatory services for Chemicals, Biopesticides and Biocides. This range will make the new Company formed from the merger an extremely attractive supplier to its present and future customers, particularly those seeking to outsource “end-to-end” product development.

We appreciate that due to COVID-19, this announcement comes at a very difficult time for all businesses, including those in our sector. The merged companies have already re-organized working procedures and are staffed to continue our combined operations effectively. We are “open for business” globally, delivering current contracts, and ready to meet clients’ needs for new programs.


SynTech Research was founded in California 1999. Initially focused on field GLP and bio-efficacy in the US, it initiated expansion into Europe in 2002, followed by rapid growth in Latin America and Asia-Pacific starting in 2008. The Company comprises over 300 experienced technicians and managers, working from its network of Field Stations and Laboratories in over 30 countries worldwide. It provides a full range of Field, Laboratory, Regulatory and Program Management services to agrochemical and seeds/traits customers, based its on its strengths in science, agronomy and market understanding.

ACCERES is a leading Agricultural Contract Research Group comprises over 250 experienced technicians and managers, providing expertise and coordination in Regulatory Services, Field Trials and Laboratories Studies, originally formed by combining GAB Consulting, a leading European Regulatory consulting company providing services for the biopesticide and agrochemical industry, and Promovert, an established Southern European field testing CRO. Acceres acquired BIOTEK Agriculture (Europe, UK, Ukraine) a long-established leading field trials CRO with presence throughout Europe, in 2019.

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