Last Friday, on September 29, SynTech Research Brazil conclude the reopening of an environmental laboratory inside ETEC – a high school located in Piracicaba, São Paulo. The reopening is part of a social restoration project and installation of new furniture for this school. The school received the furniture that was part of the old SynTech laboratory in São Paulo. Months were dedicated to this project, from the demobilization of the furniture in São Paulo, to its renovation and installation within ETEC.

To carry out this large and beautiful project, SynTech had a partnership with DesignLabs, a company that participated in the construction of the old SynTech laboratory in São Paulo, and the consultant Otavio Balderrama. DesignLabs was responsible for uninstalling the furniture in São Paulo, renovating it and installing it in the ETEC classroom, and everything followed Otavio´s project.

The renovation of the ETEC laboratory began in April and included the help of companies and people dedicated to making a difference for hundreds of students at the school. It was finally completed last week, where not only were the laboratory benches where installed, but also a, installation of new marble for the room’s sinks, painting of the room, and the installation of a new fume hood.

This initiative by SynTech Research Brasil directly contributes to the sustainable development goals in CSRCSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Now with this renovation, ETEC students have the ideal furniture and structure to specialize and develop. But, without a doubt, the biggest learning that the project brought is the capacity for change and achievement that great partnerships can provide.