SynTech's new global HQ in Stilwell, Kansas

SynTech’s new global HQ in Stilwell, Kansas

In October 2012, SynTech Research acquired Bayer CropScience’s state-of-the-art avian and aquatic ecotoxicology and analytical facilities at Stilwell, near Kansas City, USA. Since then, SynTech has been expanding its scientific resources and capabilities on-site, the most recent moves being to establish:

  • a Protein Expression analysis unit, (in support of SynTech’s Seeds/Traits and Biotech field trials programs);
  • a Terrestrials unit (Bees and Non-Target Organisms) to complete the ecotoxicology offering;
  • an additional analytical team and laboratory.

The Stilwell Center now comprises over 35 staff, up from 19 at the time of the acquisition.

SynTech is now taking a major step in consolidating its presence at Stilwell by moving its Global HQ from its present location in Davis, California, to the Stilwell site. “We will establish our key HQ functions – such as Corporate Management, Finance, Human Resources and General Administration – at Stilwell,” says President and CEO, Dr. Khosro Khodayari. “As a result, we anticipate that there will be approximately 50 staff on-site when the transition of the SynTech HQ to Stilwell is completed in the 4th quarter of 2013.”

Management of SynTech’s North American business will also be based at the Stilwell HQ. “We will continue to expand our laboratory services at the site, and by 2016 we expect to be employing around 100 staff, of which 90 will be scientific,” says Dr. Khodayari.

No current SynTech staff will be affected by the move, and SynTech’s USA Technical Center at Sanger, California will continue to operate as its main US field, glasshouse and laboratory site for Agricultural, Seeds /Traits, Public Health, Bioefficacy (GEP) and GLP trials.