A reliable and cost-effective high-throughput drone and satellite based phenotyping solution.

As supporting and empowering sustainable agriculture (farmers, field managers, breeders, researchers…) with high precision data and imaging solutions is one of our core objectives, we are proud to announce VITO and SynTech Research Group have entered in a strategic partnership.

SynTech Research Group is a Global leading Service Provider in Agriculture offering a full range of efficacy, human and environmental safety testing capabilities as well as regulatory and market support services, to Agrochemical, Biostimulant, Biocontrol and Seeds customers worldwide.

With VITO’s MAPEO platform providing a drone- and satellite-based high-throughput phenotyping solution for research and breeding, SynTech Research Group is able to take the guesswork out of crop management and have a complete & objective view on experimental field trials of any size, any place and any time, always in a reliable, data-driven and uniform way.

  • Cost-effective and end-to-end image processing solution
  • Simplifying breeding and selection programmes
  • Accelerating time to market
  • Automating outdoor phenotyping process
  • Getting reliable, quantitative and non-destructive data about all your plots
  • Processed results within 24 hours

SynTech Research Group’s infrastructure and agronomical expertise combined with VITO’s expertise in high precision data, automated data processing & phenotyping of the MAPEO platform will bring tremendous value to customers and to the entire agricultural sector.

Maximizing yields & saving both time and money thanks to standardization and expert insights is on every wish list of seed breeders, farmers & researchers.

“This strategic partnership is fully aligned with our mission, to delivers competitive advantage to our clients by providing R&D and regulatory services across a range of territories and targets world-wide, based on our staff’s expertise in crop production and protection.” Yvonnick Jambon, CEO of SynTech Research Group.