SynTech Research Group is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Agricultural Research of Wisconsin (AGRES), located near Verona, Wisconsin.

The acquisition of AGRES represents a key building block in further growth of field capabilities by SynTech Research Group in North America, adding to existing locations in California, Illinois, Iowa and Mexico.

The new site has extensive experience conducting a wide range of efficacy trials on pesticides, biologicals, biostimulants, fertilizers and growth regulators. Capabilities include pesticide evaluations and screening studies across a broad range of weed, insect, nematode and disease pests on a wide variety of crops including soybean, corn, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and alfalfa. Other crops can be evaluated upon demand.

GLP services are offered for Crop Residue Studies, Rotational Crop Studies, Genetically Engineered Crop Studies and APHIS Compliant Trials.

The team conducts small plot demonstrations as well as company specific, large learning centers along with showcases; where variations in crop varieties, applied products, and agronomic practices are utilized for demonstration, education, and marketing purposes.

Seeds and traits capabilities include pollination and breeding studies; self or cross pollination through controlled and well monitored hand pollination procedures, composition and expression samplings, pollen samplings, as well as pollen evaluations. Seed trait efficacy and viability are conducted with the ability to plant precise populations and regularly monitor emergence and growth.

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