At the recent annual SynTech Research EU meeting, held near Vienna, Austria, CEO and President Khosro Khodayari announced a new Global Vision for 2016 – and a new Global Organization to deliver it.

He first noted that SynTech had achieved its 2010 Vision to create a global network of sites, and deliver a level of customer satisfaction, at least comparable to those of the leaders in the CRO sector.  Key elements of the 2016 vision are to increase global sales and profitability by an average of 10% per year, by growing the most profitable parts of the agrochemicals business, and by increasing the seeds/traits and Ecotoxicology businesses to five times their present size.  We intend to be a preferred provider of field services to our ten most important global customers, and to be recognized by them as the CRO with the best Crop and Agronomic knowledge as well for delivery of expert services which help them achieve competitive advantage.

To achieve this vision there will be a new SynTech Global Organization, in place by end Q1, 2012. This will be headed by dedicated professional managers, including a Director of Global Operations, to drive an expanded global business. We will respond to key customers’ international program needs by appointing  Global Program/Account managers , for Seeds/Traits, GLP, Ecotoxicology, Public Health, Herbicides/PGR, Fungicides, Insecticides, and Nematicides. There will still be Regional Project/Program and Registration Managers where needed to meet customer demands.

We will continue to give priority to the development of our staff and show responsibility for them, their families and the communities in which we work.