The Headquarters and Northern field trials location for SynTech Germany are located at Christinenthal in the north of Germany.

The Christinenthal station has a long history with more than 20 years’ experience in field, greenhouse, and laboratory trials. In addition it has particular expertise and facilities for developing novel and advanced formulations for plant protection products.

Three additional stations are located in Langenbach  – northeast of Munich, Untergruppenbach – near Heilbronn, and Bad Dürkheim  – near Mannheim.

Our four locations allow us to provide a wide spectrum trial types, using the full range of crops and applications required by our clients in Germany:

German field station, Christinenthal, Germany

Aerial shot of field trials at SynTech Germany, Christinenthal.

  • GEP-trials – in cereals, maize, grapes, oilseed rape, orchards, hops, vegetables, ornamentals, forestry and non- crop situations, including railways
  • GLP residue trials
  • Fertilizer trials


  • Early-stage screening
  • Formulation development
  • Rainfastness tests

A full GLP phys-chem service will be established in 2022.

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