The headquarters of SynTech Research Italy is located in Imola, near Bologna in the Center-North East of the country, a key location for vegetables, vines, tree fruits and arable crops.

Bologna has excellent geographical and climatic conditions and use of modern farming technology, techniques and product suppliers in the area.

SynTech Research Italy has a further key location based in Catania, Sicily, offering the opportunity to cover all crops both under outdoor and protected conditions, all year round.

Two additional satellite sites, located in the North East and South East ensure a wide range of crops season-long.

These locations provide insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, growth enhancement and stress tolerance trials with Bioefficacy GEP testing, GLP crop residue and seed testing in all crops grown in Italy  – and generally in Southern Europe – including:

  • grapes
  • tomatoes
  • olives
  • citrus
  • fruit trees
  • almonds
  • vegetables
  • berry fruits
  • cereals
  • potatoes
  • sugar beet
  • rice
  • tobacco

Other features include:

  • GEP/Efficacy: field, greenhouse, nematicide testing
  • Seeds: handling and treatments
  • GLP/Residues: crop/soil residues, DFR, ecotox studies
  • Wine making, fruit processing and oil extraction
  • Regulatory services

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Collecting flowers for bee studies

Rice crop, Italy

Lettuce trial, Italy