Following the SynTech/Acceres merger announcement in December 2019, SynTech Research, Promovert, GAB Consulting and BIOTEK Agriculture (Europe, UK, Ukraine) are combining their operations to deliver a complete Field, Laboratory and Regulatory AgCRO service globally.

In Poland BIOTEK Agriculture Sp. z o.o is in the process of merging with SynTech Research Poland Sp. z o.o.

SynTech Research is located in major agricultural areas in Poland. Headquarters are located at Bydgoszcz (central west) and Warsaw (central east).

There are further sites located at: Wroclaw (south west), Lublin (south east), Szczecin (north west) and Olsztyn (north east).

BIOTEK Agriculture is located in Gac (Olawa, south west Poland). For details please visit the BIOTEK Agriculture website

Six locations allow a very wide spectrum of trial types (GEP and GLP programs) on the full range of crops including: cereals, maize, sunflowers, potatoes, oilseed rape, vegetables (e.g. melon, artichoke, chicory, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, lettuce), orchards, hops, tobacco, ornamentals and turf.

Services include:

  • GEP/Efficacy: field and greenhouse
  • Seeds: handling and treatment
  • GLP/Residues: crop and soil residues, crop rotation, honey bees tests, bystander exposure studies

For further information please email:

Map of sites and trials locations

Phytophthora and Alternaria trial in Potatoes

Honeybee tests under tunnel

Bystander exposure studies

Sowing Agriotes trial in maize and beet