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SynTech Research has delivered very many successful trials with Biopesticides for the control of pests and diseases. Agents tested include:
Macrobials – Invertebrate Biocontrol Agents (IBCAs) – Insects, mites and entomopathogenic nematodes.
Microbials and Microbial Biocontrol Agents (MBCA) – bacteria, fungi and viruses (and beneficial soil micro-organisms).

Trials are also conducted on Insect pheromones/ semiochemicals.

Studies are conducted on an extensive range of arable and horticultural crops, using its worldwide network field stations in over 30 countries. These include screening and evaluation in laboratories/glasshouses/growth chambers and trials at the field stations and in commercial fields. Techniques include syringe application and chemigation with tailored irrigation systems – flood, sprinkler and drip.

SynTech has conducted particularly extensive Biopesticide programs in the US, Latin America – Argentina, Costa Rica and Chile, and Europe – Spain, Portugal, France.

Studies have included laboratory, glasshouse and field programs, against pests, diseases in

  • Corn (Heliothis, Rice (Chilo), Pome and Stone fruit (Cydia, Anarsia, Monolinia, Coryneum,
  • Vines (Lobesia, Uncinula, Plasmopara, Botrytis, Phomes)
  • Citrus (Ceratitis, Panonychus, Aonidiella, Penicillium, Botrytis), Bananas (Sigatoka)
  • Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Peppers, Strawberries, Artichokes (Nematodes, Pseudomonas, Phytophtora, Pseudoperonospora, Alternaria, Sclerotinia, Penicillium, Bremia, Botrytis, Pythium, nematodes

Materials tested include:

  • Bacillus thuringiensis, B. subtilis, Trichoderma, yeasts and other fungi
  • Semiochemicals and other natural products (pheromones, attractants, repellents, oils, Renoutria extract)

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Soybean BCA trial

Pheromone trial on Corn Earworm, USA

Soil borne disease BCA application

Ceratitis trap in citrus fruit