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SynTech Research’s Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Team provides complete terrestrial study programs, from protocol design through implementation, including QA and submission of final reports.

Laboratory programs are delivered by Study Directors and Principal Investigators experienced in a wide range of terrestrial testing programs, located in Mâcon and Nimes, France (global terrestrial lab), Valencia (Spain), Flörsheim (Germany) and Stilwell, Kansas (USA).

Higher tier semi-field and field studies are also conducted from our field stations and satellite sites in Europe, USA and Latin America.

Our full terrestrial testing package includes acute and chronic laboratory studies and higher tier testing on soil organisms, non-target arthropods and non-target plants.


Laboratory and field testing on soil organisms

Laboratory studies
  • Earthworm acute, sub-chronic and reproduction tests (OECD 207, 222 and OCSPP 850.3100, 850.6200)
  • Collembola reproduction test (OECD 232)
  • Hypoaspis reproduction test (OECD 226)
  • Enchytreid reproduction test (OECD 220)
  • Nitrogen and carbon transformation tests  (OECD 216, 217 and OCSPP 850.3200)

Higher tier studies
  • Earthworm field studies
  • Soil micro-fauna (collembola and mites) field studies
  • Dung field studies


Laboratory and field testing on non-target arthropods (NTA)

Laboratory studies
  • Predatory mites (T. pyri, IOBC/WPRS, 2000)
  • Aphid parasitoids (A. rhopalosiphi, IOBC/WPRS, 2000 and Mead-Briggs, 2010)
  • Green lacewings (C. carnea, IOBC/WPRS, 2000)
  • Ladybirds (C. septempunctata, IOBC/WPRS, 2000)
  • Predatory hemipteran (O. laevigatus and A. nemoralis, IOBC/WPRS, 2000)
  • Rove and ground beetles (A. bilineata and P. cupreus, IOBC/WPRS, 2000)
  • Lycosid spiders (Pardosa spp, IOBC/WPRS, 2000)
  • Egg and whitefly parasitoids (Trichogramma spp and E. formosa, IOBC/WPRS, 2000 and EPPO 1/142)
  • Dung flies and beetles (S. stercoraria, M. autumnalis, O.taurus and A. constans, OECD 228, 122)

Aged residue and semi-field studies
  • Duration of effects
  • In-field and off-field scenarios
  • Contact and feeding routes of exposure

Field studies
  • Residue studies in arthropods
  • Predatory mite studies
  • Total entomofauna (NTO studies)
  • Inventories, identifications

Non-target plants (NTP) testing

  • Seedling emergence and growth test (OECD 208 and OCSPP 850.4100)
  • Vegetative vigor test (OECD 227 and OCSPP 850.4150)
  • Early seedling growth toxicity test (OCSPP 850.4230)
  • Chronic toxicity in higher plants (ISO 22030)
  • NTP screen
  • Crops and weeds

Bioaccumulation in soil organisms

  • Bioaccumulation in terrestrial oligochaetes (OECD 317)

For further information please email: info@syntechresearch.com