SynTech’s Kansas QA team

Quality Assurance Auditing Service

SynTech Research can provide GLP Auditing Services, using its experienced global team of qualified Quality Assurance personnel.

The team consists of twenty-one in-house QA professionals, three in North America, seven in Northern Europe (France, Germany, UK, Hungary and Poland), five in Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal and Italy), six in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) and one in Asia (Philippines).

The range of QA Auditing services includes:

  • Critical phase inspections
  • Study protocols/plans
  • Raw data reviews
  • Final reports / field summary reviews
  • Process based inspections
  • Facility / site inspections

Our Quality Assurance capabilities by technical area and geographical region are shown below.

Field study QA audit in progress

Technical Areas North America Europe Latin America Asia
Residue field X X X X
Residue lab X   X  
Ecotoxicology field X X X  
Ecotoxicology lab X X    
Soil dissipation X X X X
Operator exposure X X    
Facility inspections X X X *

* Quality Assurance personnel from North America or Europe to provide service

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