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SynTech conducts the range of studies required to determine where and how the potential product works, to provide data for clients make robust claims. Test types include, yield and quality enhancement, improve abiotic stress tolerance, (drought, heat, light, salinity, wind), plant nutrition, early crop emergence, fruit setting, root system development and quality.

Appropriate techniques and testing protocols are designed and studies are conducted on an extensive range of arable and horticultural crops, using our worldwide network of field stations in over 30 countries. Tests include screening and evaluation in laboratories/glasshouses/growth chambers and trials at the field stations and in commercial fields.

Application techniques:
Syringe application and chemigation with tailored irrigation systems – flood, sprinkler and drip


Agronomy – Crop vigour, key crop development stages: early blooming, fruiting, harvesting, crop development: precocity at any stage.
Crop height, stem diameter, leaf size

Analyses – Yield and quality: average weight, grading, size; nutritional value: protein, polyphenol, fatty-acids, fiber content. Brix, acidity, starch, conservation (post-harvest): Ca++ content, hardness, acidity.
Crop Nutrition – deficiency, efficiency in nutrient absorption
Photosynthetic activity (SPAD / chlorophyll), foliar analysis: micro / macro element determination

Other services:
Nutritional maps (GIS/NDVI), Pre- and post-harvest quality / shelf-life
Bio-Seed treatment, germination tests, emergence precocity & other growth stages
Seed coating tests Early screening tests

SynTech’s scientists have evaluated an extensive variety of candidate products for growth enhancement and quality improvement, in laboratory, glasshouse and field programs on:

  • Cereals and Soya (growth enhancement, drought resistance)
  • Pome and Stone fruit and vines (fruit quality),
  • Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Peppers, Strawberries, Artichokes (flowering and growth enhancement, drought resistance).

We have conducted extensive Biostimulant programs in Latin America – Argentina, Costa Rica and Chile (growth enhancement) and Europe – Spain, Portugal, France (growth enhancement, fruit quality and drought resistance)

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Biostimulant germination test

Oilseed Rape Biostimulant test

Drip application to cucumbers

Strawberry biostimulant test