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Company history

SynTech Research was launched on 11  December 1999, by Dr Khosro Khodayari and three colleagues from Zeneca Agrochemicals (now Syngenta), located in the Central Valley of California, providing GEP & GLP services in the US.

SynTech France was opened and EU and US expansion started in 2002. Business in Latin America (Brazil) and in Asia-Pacific was initiated in 2008. The HQ moved to a new site in Stilwell, Kansas in 2012, to provide laboratory (ecotox and analytical) services and the business continued to expand globally, with over 300 staff offering laboratory, glasshouse and field GEP and GLP services for chemicals and seeds/traits from locations in over 30 countries.

Acceres was originally formed by combining GAB Consulting, providing European Regulatory services for the biopesticides and agrochemicals, and Promo-Vert, a South European field testing CRO. Acceres acquired BIOTEK Agriculture in the EU, UK and the Ukraine in 2019, leading to a complement of 250 staff, providing expertise and coordination in Regulatory Services, Field Trials and Laboratory Studies.

In October 2020, SynTech Research and Acceres merged, creating a SynTech Research group of companies comprising 600 scientists, agronomists, regulatory specialists and managers, who now provide a complete “end-to-end” range of R&D services.  These include Field trials (agrochemical and seeds/traits, GEP and GLP trials), Laboratory studies (analytical, efficacy, ecotoxicology) and Regulatory services (chemicals, biopesticides, biocides).

The SynTech Research Group was subsequently formed in 2021 from SynTech Research, Acceres (including GAB Consulting) and ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH, later joined by Wagner Regulatory Associates (WRA). The SynTech Research Group brand recognises the long-standing reputations of SynTech Research and of the other companies in the Group. In recognition of this, GAB Consulting, ECT and WRA continue to provide regulatory and ecotoxicology services to clients under their existing brands whilst fully participating in meeting customer needs for the full range of Research to Registration services which the Group can provide.