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Resistance monitoring

SynTech offers testing programs for resistance and cross-resistance to other Modes of Action (MOA). Our fully equipped analytical and radiochemical laboratories allow characterization of molecular and physiological resistance mechanisms.

Herbicide Resistance Screening

Our unique expertise and large weed seed collection, including herbicide-resistant grass and broadleaf weeds (e.g. groups 1, 2, 9, 10, 22 populations or biotypes) allow testing of Pre- and Post-emergence herbicides in greenhouse and field trials, including micro-plots for testing small amounts of new herbicide candidates.

Insecticide and Fungicide Resistance Screening

SynTech Research has earned a reputation with agrochemical companies for its insecticide and fungicide early stage screening. Our programs cover method development and validation services to assess pesticide properties of compounds against a wide range of targets including pesticide-resistant insects and diseases. These allow selection of potential molecules for dose-response studies through to advanced greenhouse trials.







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For information on SynTech’s Biopesticide, Biostimulant and Early Stage Screening capabilities, please see the relevant links on the Bioefficacy (GEP) Services page