SynTech Research is pleased to announce the establishment of a new operating company in India, to carry out contract field trials. This new venture is very exciting and believed to be the first agricultural Contract Research Organization (CRO) in the country.

The team will be based in Hyderabad and headed by Dr S Netaji, who has significant experience, particularly in plant breeding and genetics. As of now, SynTech Research India is able to offer field testing of agrochemicals, crop varieties including hybrids and GMO seeds (event wise Bio-safety Research Level -1 & 2 trials) in a range of locations throughout India.

It is the intention of SynTech to expand its services in the future to include various lab and green house studies e.g. bioassay studies, bio-efficacy tests and baseline susceptibility studies.

For further information and to seeking help with trials in India, contact Dr Netaji Tel:  + 91 984813 2187, email: or email Mr Paul French, Asia/Pacific Regional Director at