Following SynTech’s recent acquisitions of Certis’ Research Station in Christinenthal, Germany and of Biotek’s business in Europe, we are building on the facilities, technical capabilities and expertise in these two areas to offer European (and other) customers high quality physical chemistry, formulation and food processing services. 
Our range of Physical Chemistry studies include method development and CoAs, flowability, suspensibility, stability and compatibility tests for formulation development and quality, whilst our Formulation Development expertise includes optimisation of phys-chem properties and use of co-formulants, for single and pre-mix agrochemical active ingredients, safeners and foliar fertilisers.  

Foliar wetting study

Our experienced Food Processing staff include two Oenologists, a Maltster/Brewer, and a Bread specialist in our dedicated processing facilities, covering brewing, baking, winemaking, oil extraction, juicing, and canning and many other processes ,  all to GEP/GLP requirements.

Oilseed Rape Pressing trial

These add further to the unparalled global range of services that comprise our Research to Registration portfolio, attractive to clients who want to access a full package of product development and support as well as those requiring selected studies.

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