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Khosro Khodayari, President and CEO, SynTech Research, announces new Corporate Vision

Dr. Khosro Khodayari, President and CEO of SynTech Research, today announced a new Vision for the Company. “Our aim is to achieve 10% of the market by 2020. This will involve rapid expansion of capability for chemical and seeds/traits projects, particularly those for Bio-compliance – product safety/ environmental impact,” says Dr. Khodayari.

With significant capital investment planned over the next two years, there will be growth in selected territories in all Regions. In N America, SynTech’s analytical laboratories in Kansas will be expanded and additional US field satellite sites will be established, to service seeds/traits research demands. “In addition, four new satellite field stations will be set up in Brazil, and there will be expansion of field capability in Germany, Poland, Argentina, China and SE Asia.  SynTech will also be expanding its Regulatory services,” says Dr. Khodayari.

New Appointments…

In order to steer the company towards its 2020 vision, Dr. Khodayari has announced the appointment of new Company Directors.  Scott Ward, previously Sr. Vice President/General Manager, ABC Laboratories, is appointed Director of Laboratory Services at Stilwell, Kansas, replacing Dr. Eric Lorenz, who will become Director of the new Business Development/Marketing Department, also based at Stilwell.

Dr. Davide Ferrari, currently Managing Director of SAGEA/SynTech Research in Italy, is taking on the role of EU Regional Director, whilst Rosalino (“Lino”) Rondon, currently Deputy Director, Asia-Pacific, is succeeding Paul French as Director. They will join Hermes Nonino, and Steve Harrison, previously appointed as Directors for Latin America and North America respectively.

“These new appointments, together with our existing Leadership Team members, will now work to develop and deliver our vision into a growth strategy for SynTech Research.  This will enable the Company to become one of the top three global agricultural CROs by 2020,” concluded Dr. Khodayari.

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