Early in July the 2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW), hosted by AgroPages, was held in Hangzhou, China, with around 400 participants from nearly 30 international companies and over 200 Chinese enterprises. The audience included government bodies, agrochemical companies, consultancies and lab service providers.

SynTech President and CEO Dr. Khosro Khodayari reviewed the agricultural research activities over the last 15 years and touched upon future business prospects of the industry. He showed that the number of research-based firms had dropped with merger and acquisition activities over the last 15 years. Regulations had become much stricter, costs of product research and registration had increased markedly. In the next 15 years agrochemicals and seed enterprises are expected to cooperate increasingly with selected CROs which can provide all-round services with worldwide presence. He also displayed SynTech’s expanding presence in China, including the new Field Station details of which can be found here.


Dr Khosro Khodayari addresses China Pesticide Exporting Workshop

The China Pesticide Exporting Workshop attracted 400 delegates from 30 countries.