Great moment for SynTech Research Group. On May 18th, the new Analytical Laboratory of Piracicaba, Brazil, was opened to a selected group of visitors, including municipality authorities, academia and media agencies.  It was an opportunity to talk about our services and how we contribute in the safer food production chain. A tour inside the new facility impressed the visitors by the knowledge level of our specialists, the high technology of our laboratory equipment and the care we have about the studies and results. Among the visitors, we were pleased to have Nancy Theme, secretary of Agriculture of Piracicaba, and professors and managers of ESALQ – the Agronomy School of University of São Paulo, ESALQ-Tech-the technology incubator of ESALQ, and Engineering School of Piracicaba.

New laboratory in Brazil

“The opening of this new laboratory and transferring the operations from São Paulo is an important strategic step for SynTech, not only because we unify our operations in Piracicaba, where we have a field station and company administration, but also because it brings opportunities for efficiency gains, with benefits for our partners given the investments in new equipment and technology, availability of high quality human resources and proximity to the city innovation pole”, points out the SynTech Regional Director for Latin America, Fernando Gallina.

According to the founder of SynTech Research, now one of the entities of SynTech Research Group, Khosro Khodayari, the new laboratory is set for efficiency. “I have seen many laboratories during my life, but the one we are presenting in Piracicaba has efficiency components that sets it apart from all others. It is a very modern structure with high technology that will contribute to the development of SynTech’s work and agriculture in Brazil”.

Brazil continues to be one of SynTech’s priorities in terms of investments. Since 2016, R$ 25 million were invested in the country. “SynTech Research Group closely follows the growth and strength of Brazilian and Latin American agriculture, and the demand for new inputs that are safe and efficient. We will continue investing, looking ahead and expanding our activities into new areas, such as BioSolutions, reinforcing our commitment to Brazilian agricultural production,” reinforces the company’s CEO, Yvonnick Jambon.

In the next weeks our partners will be visiting the new facility and will experience, in loco, the excitement of SynTech´s teams.